Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Theme Based Meetings

As suggested in the previous meeting, it has been decided to have a specific theme for each meeting in order to be more focussed. The theme chosen for the next meeting is "Children". The session will loosely be structured as follows:

1. Group Discussion about contributions on the theme of children. You can bring a song, story, own experience, picture, poem anything that evokes what we as adults can learn from children or how they make us feel or how to bring them up or deal with them.

2. The long guided meditation which always includes music will be related to the theme e.g. remembering the child within who we often tend to forget in our busy "adult" lives. Since the meditation happens very much in the moment, I will leave the rest to that moment.

3. A suggestion was also made to do mini-processes related to the theme that you can later do yourselves. We will do that and as always end with some snacks and tea.

Please feel free to invite anyone you know who maybe interested in this meeting.

Much Love.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

March meet with krishna energy

The second meeting hopscotched to a saturday to accomodate the festival. We were welcomed with jasmine scents amid glass beads with candles. The introductions showed such honesty among the new friends- from no interest in particular to spirituality to different searches that convinced us that we are all sailing in adventurous waters.

While we waited for everyone to collect, there was a photo exhibition to look at with images taken by Nandini - to raise money for two projects- education of under privileged and support a shelter for old and abandoned animals.

We began with a short Tibetan singing bowl meditation that set us up for the introductions followed by sharing experiences. Nandini read a piece from Vinoba Bhave's Geeta interpretation where he lucidly explains the saatvic way to work and encourages us to develop dispassion towards the fruits of labour. I chose to share another piece from Satish Kumars 'Three Gunas' which talks of saatvic powers and how they manifest internally and cannot be judged by the external material trappings.

Deepika shared a lovely piece on forgiveness and the difficulty we have in letting go of our anger and resentment. It also sensitised the group to our need for looking at our own actions that call for forgiveness. Saroj sang a Bahadur Shah ghazal in her melodious voice.

The long guided meditation had a krishna theme and we were lead through a series of music pieces where we danced with Him and created the energy of joy and festivity. I have no idea how the 40 minutes just whizzed by. The last song was a rock and roll meditation to a great music track by Prem Joshua.

Tea, cookies and gulab jamuns were the finale where we asked for suggestions and having theme based meetings met with approval. Next months theme will be put up on the post.

Cheers to the hazaar rangs of Holi!!