Thursday, 29 July 2010

3 Tips to Ease your Life

Although the rhythms and cycles of the universe might seem chaotic at times, they are exquisitely balanced in their constant and never-ending ebb and flow.

In the midst of the heaving sea of energy and information that paradoxically contains absolute nothingness and infinite stillness, we too often forget that we are not only a droplet of this sea, we are the entire sea as well.

Here are 3 tips to help you navigate this sea of invisible forces that influences every aspect of your life, so that your life feels more effortless:

1. Adapt. Sustained positive action is only possible when you constantly adapt to your environment. Adapting means finding constructive ways to either dissipate the tension in your body, or use it to reorganize your body and life. Undesireable habits, procrastination and most physical symptoms are related to a failure to adapt.

2. Accept. Accept the fact that change is constant and permanent. Your mind wants to freeze things in time, make up a story about them and then live in a "concept", so that you're insulated from uncomfortable feelings. Thank your mind for sharing and accept that what you feel is valid and true without trying to change it or justify it. Make the sound or tone of the feeling (this activates your limbic system or emotional brain) instead of holding it in and just being "fine." "Fine" really means "I'm not accepting what I'm really feeling right now."

3. Be Authentic. Authenticity requires the least amount of energy to sustain. This is because when you are congruent and "real", your breath, movement and energy are in-synch. There is no effort. Effort comes from the mind striving to be someone you're not. Work hard, but work hard being you.

If you're accepting who you are, adapting to life's circumstances and authentically being the best you that you can be, you're uplifting the consciousness of our world.

Dr. John