Sunday, 29 April 2007

May : What is HAPPINESS :-)?

The May meeting was attended by 9 people who shared variously what happiness means to them. Discussions ranged from happiness related to material comforts, relationships, health, career, children and spirituality. A very profound comment made by the newcomer, Tarun had us all thinking when he said, "Life is uncontrollable... trying to control it brings unhappiness." Daphne made a compelling case for inner happiness which is the only lasting joy compared to conditional happiness that is hinged on external factors.

The meditation delved into the nature of things that make us happy and whether they are temporary and conditioned upon something or someone else or independent and free of external factors. Discovering the fountain of joy within us is a goal of the spiritual seeker.

Posted on the walll of a dear friend was this simple quote, "IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, BE!"

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

April: Bring out the Kid in You!

“Children” was the theme this month – clearly a topic close to everyone’s heart! Balloons, wax crayon pictures and a sense of light heartedness embraced the room and those in it.

8 people gathered and everyone shared something that touches them. There were poems, a short story, an article and an observation of living. Everyone listened openly and intently, sometimes with a lump in the throat and moist eyes. “Encouraging children to take flight”, “Parenting values”, “To be or not to be a mean mom?” and “The joy that radiates from children who live simply and in tune with nature” were key topics, encouraging sharing of experiences, discussion and contemplation of new approaches.

Nandini then led the group in a long “movement, sound and stillness meditation” giving everyone the opportunity to re-connect with their inner child, feel the innocence and wonder of being in that place and enter into a healing dialogue. Everyone’s inner child (joyful and wise) gifted each person two Balloons full of specific quality of value as well as sharing with them a message full of light to guide them in their life now.

After the meditation a short prayer led by Pramod brought the meeting to a close and popcorn, iced coffee and cake were enjoyed by all.