Friday, 19 October 2007

अक्तूबर - Humour

As we go through the manifold divine qualities exploring one each month and see how we have connected with them in our life experiences, this months topic was HUMOUR. The meditation was about taking ourselves less seriously and seeing the funny side of things even when the going gets tough.

A very inspiring experience was shared by Neera who talked about having an accident which laid her up in bed for 3 months and caused a lot of pain in her leg. Yet, it was during this painful time that she was able to detach from her physical body and transcend to seek healing from a higher source. One of the key things she spoke about was having fun with her freinds when they came to visit her in hospital or at home. Laughing a lot and sharing jokes and all the good things that makes life pleasurable. She went on to say that those were the 3 best months of her life!!!

While many people may have felt defeated or depressed going through so much pain and being immobile, Neera used this time for self-reflection and creating a deeper connecting with herself which invited divine grace to flow into her life and cause her healing.

We welcomed a new member amidst ourselves, Gagan also a like-minded seeker. Tea and cookies were enjoyed by all.