Thursday, 14 May 2009


Due to a work commitment, I am not able to host the meeting on Friday. It will be on Monday instead.
NON-ATTACHMENT: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya

"Some people confuse attachment with love. The thought
of non-attachment worries them, for they think if they do not
feel attached to people they do not love them.

Non-attachment does not mean that you don't care, it is
caring at a higher level.

It is assisting them in being their Higher Selves rather than
their personality selves.

Compassion is remaining in your center, observing, and
detaching emotionally from their problems. It is looking at
the highest thing you can do for others' problems.

It is looking at the highest thing you can do for them, not
what they're personalities are telling you they need.

For instance, you may need to tell your child she can't
have something because you know having it might harm her.
You are not attached to how her personality reacts, because
you are serving her Higher Self.

Attachment is wanting to take care of people and solve
their problems for them. Non-attachment will give you a
clearer perspective on how much assistance to give, how
much people will be able to use your assistance and when
to stop giving to them."

Sometimes the only thing you can do for people is simply
love them and let them have their problems.

Non-attachment is loving people as they are and finding
the right moment to insert a thought, a touch, or love into
their lives to empower them to make a shift to a higher
level of consciousness.

You are not responsible for making other's peoples lives
work; they are.
- Sanaya Roman