Tuesday, 28 October 2008

November Meeting

The topic of meditation and discussion was "Moving to the Light". How many time have you had the experience of feeling enlightened from within? Moments of truth or insight that have given you a new perspective on your life. It may have been an incident, a book or article you read or something someone said that made you stop in your tracks and re-consider your choices. Let's share these moments with each other to light our path on this journey.

A beautiful and simple light healing meditation was done using the cleansing energy to rid us from internal negativities and their manifestations in the body. People shared some incidents that changed their perspective about life.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


How often have you ignored your own needs putting others before yourself? Disconnected with your own physical and emotional needs. How can you love another fully if you do not love and honour the being you are closest to - THE SELF? We came together in meditation to re-connect with the divine being inside and indulge in some much deserved self-love!

A guided meditation was enjoyed by all interspersed with some beautiful music from Kirtana, Shania Toll and poetry from Deepak Chopra & Friends. People discussed the thin line between self-love and selfishness. It was agreed that self-love is about nourishing and enriching the self with positive values in the long term and selfishness is self-serving and diminishes the true, inner divine Self.

Bulbul shared how important it is to love and indulge your body as part of self-love. She does this through regular massages, fragrant soaps and "lotions and potions" as she calls them.