Wednesday, 8 August 2007

SEPTEMBER - आत्म विश्वास (SELF-BELIEF)

The meeting started with a meditation on self-belief. Discovering the vast and limitless resources of our inner Self which is a spark of the Divine. A beautiful song played in a voice akin to the Mother Divine herself gently serenading us, "How can anyone ever tell you. You are anything less than beautiful. Your loving is a miracle. How deeply you're connected to my soul." Then the supreme quality of Love was used to wash through any conditioning about negative beliefs that we may harbour ourselves.

After the meditation, Rohit led a discussion about current beliefs that we have, both positive and negative. He taught us how our beliefs practically run our lives and often may cause strained relationships because we may be inflexible and refuse to see another's point of view. He helped us replace some of our negative beliefs with more positive ones. e.g. "I should be doing more", which puts undue pressure on the person (should) while being vague (do more). Instead if we replace this with whatever the person enjoys doing, she can say. "I want to write as I enjoy it so much." A question of prioritizing what we enjoy doing also was talked about so our life is not filled with chores, obligations and responsibilities but moments of connection, joy, being in the moment, laughter, spontaneity and a fair dose of "silliness".

Rohit also led a mini-process about loving a part of ourselves that we may be currently hating, a physical part of our body or behaviour or character trait or emotional response. By transposing the love of someone we love unconditionally and accepting this part of ourselves in the same loving embrace, we can have more self-love which strengthens our self-belief.

Tea and biscuits were then put out. Sarbari brought some delicious home made chocolates that were enjoyed by all!